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Sussex Health Centre

I attended a meeting hosted by Horizon Health regarding the decision to reduce hours at the Sussex ER.

I listened to the real experts: doctors and nurses, as well as patients who were not consulted before this decision was made. I strongly believe that the time to consult is before any decision is made, not after.

I commend the people of the Sussex region who crammed into the cafeteria of the Hospital to speak up on this issue that we all care so much about.

While health care delivery is a provincial responsibility, local input is an essential part of decision making.

As a parent I have had to take my kids to the ER in the middle of the night. When you’re rushing a loved one to the ER, any additional kilometre of travel is worrisome. The doctors told us that in an emergency, distance and time are literally life-or-death. I have listened to many in our region who say that without intervention at the Sussex Emergency Room, they would not be alive today. Driving over an hour in the middle of a winter night to the Saint John Regional or Moncton hospitals to their overcrowded emergency rooms is not an acceptable proposition.

Access to quality health care and education services in our rural communities must continue for them to be vibrant places to live, work and raise a family. I remain very concerned about the impact of this decision and will be sharing residents’ concerns directly with the provincial government.



Canada Summer Jobs 2020
The Canada Summer Jobs program helps employers create quality summer job opportunities and provide valuable work experience for youth aged 15 to 30. CLICK HERE for more details:



Conservative Petition Supporting Canadian Firearms Owners Becomes Second Largest e-Petition in Canadian History. See Details Below.

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Concerned Canadians have until February 15, 2020 to sign the e-Petition, which can be found here:…

For more information:
Vidette Heller
Office of Glen Motz, MP



I am honoured to have the opportunity to serve in the Conservative Shadow Cabinet representing Justice and Attorney General of Canada. It will be my responsibility to hold the government accountable and ensure legislation meets the highest standards and that all Canadians rights are protected.

I look forward to my new role and continuing my work for the Constituents of Fundy Royal.